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By Ali Afzal on June 27, 2014
I think this is a great course for someone who really wants to take their trading knowledge to the next level. Very in depth course and great customer service

By Bob R. on August 22, 2014
This course arrived on time and as promised. It contains 16 plus 2 bonus training videos all running about 20 min or so. As an extra bonus is a section on Forex trading with another 21 training videos. These videos cover all you need to understand and trade options from basic to advanced. For me personally I am also reading books on options just so I can fully understand option trading but it is not necessary as everything is covered in the videos. For the cost of these video you have nothing to lose as it will cost you more if you just dabble without training in options. I have not completed all the video’s as yet due to over approx 400 hours of material, but so far I am very impressed

By ACS (MN. USA) on August 2, 2014
I found the material to be very good and thorough in this system, especially if you are new or intermediate to options. Half of the topics covered were already covered with the previous system by the same author. I found “Extreme trading” portion interesting, I wish the author would have redo the section since it was recorded back on 2008 and the resolution were not so great. But over-all it was a very good system when use with other strategies out there.

By Eitan on August 31, 2014
Hi,I purchased this course without any prior knowladge in options trading. This course gave me very good knowladge and practical tools to actually start trading. This is not a theoretical course at all. This course gives you amazing and usefull tools to actually trade options and making money. I recommand this course very much, you will not be disapponited for sure

By west2401 on July 6, 2014
This is a very good course if someone is brand new to options trading like i was. But before buying this course i recommend a couple things first. Join TD ameritrade and download the “think or swim” (TOS) trading platform. Next ask ameritrade for a free 30 day trial to investools education and take that course for 30 days to learn the ropes. You can also use the TOS and investools customer support if you have any questions. Than after you learn the basics on stocks and you practice everyday on TOS, than buy the genius options trading. Pay attention to all the video’s, take notes, and keep paper trading before you put up your real $$. This course will lead you in the right direction.

By Joe Pike on September 7, 2014
This is excellent training on trading stock options. Dave is a really good teacher and is able to make potentially difficult concepts very easy to understand. I highly recommend this option trading course and his previous one as well. They work together and do not duplicate each other.

By Yvette on September 2, 2014
I have read a few options books. Compared to the books I read and some options videos programs, I really like the instructor way of teaching. It makes Options theory not theory anymore. I could play the trades and apply what I learn right away!

By BK Biz Owner on August 15, 2014
Amazing course FAST MONEY MAKING stuff without leaving your crib in your pajama! DAVE DONE IT AGAIN! KUDOS!!!

By D.A. on September 2, 2014
This course was very informative. Good information for both novice and advanced traders!